Don’t just build a robot, give it a PULSE!

It’s PRIME time to go autonomous.

Introducing TETRIX® PULSE™, the only proprietary robotics controller created specifically for the TETRIX PRIME Building System.

PULSE is the heart and brain of PRIME robots and comes equipped with servo, motor, and sensor control built right in. Created upon Arduino architecture, PULSE uses the free TETRIX Ardublockly programming language and comes with comprehensive support materials to make getting started a snap.

Simply add the PULSE controller to your existing PRIME investment and bring real-world coding to life in a heartbeat.


Oh snap! Snappee Bot has a fierce disposition and is lightning fast as he snatches and dashes about. Download his building instructions and lesson plan now!

Teach graphic- or text-based coding with a single platform.

The PULSE controller is programmed using the free TETRIX Ardublockly software – a graphic drag-and-drop interface that offers a great introduction to coding. One of the unique features of Ardublockly is that it bridges the gap between text-based and graphic programming as it displays corresponding text-based code alongside its graphic workspace.

This means as students build their graphic code, they can see the exact same code in its text-based form. Plus with the click of a button, students can open the text-based code in the Arduino Software (IDE) to make modifications. This offers flexibility in the classroom and delivers a solution that can grow with students as they become more avid coders.

Resources that make getting started easier

Technology, engineering, and coding come to life when using robotics in the classroom, and we’ve created a one-stop-shop with all the tools you need to deliver real-world, project-based lessons including a robust programmer’s guide and video tutorials. 


Don’t just take our word for it


Watch this excerpt from our exclusive vlog featuring educator and robotics enthusiast Aaron Maurer as he shares why TETRIX PRIME robotics and the PULSE controller is a perfect fit for a middle school robotics program.







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