Robotics at the heart of your classroom

The TETRIX® PRIME robotics system offers a great entry into teaching and learning through robotics – its simple and intuitive design enables robotic creations to come to life quickly and easily, meaning your middle school students can focus more on problem-solving and applying STEM knowledge.


Discover how you can deliver outstanding STEM lessons with TETRIX PRIME robotics. The PRIME system delivers a comprehensive educational robotics solution that combines an age-appropriate metal building system, programmable PULSE™ controller, and free TETRIX Ardublockly software along with getting started video tutorials and support materials.

We understand starting or adding to a robotics program can be a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a great list of resources including PRIME robotics set details and videos, introductory programming tutorials, and a FREE guide to getting started with robotics in 10 easy steps.

With TETRIX PRIME youll be building, driving, coding, testing, iterating, learning, and loving robots in no time.



We’ve got a whole new way for you to control your PRIME creations – and believe us, it won’t be beat.

TETRIX PULSE is the only proprietary robotics controller created specifically for the TETRIX PRIME Building System. PULSE is the heart and brain of PRIME robots and comes equipped with servo, motor, and sensor control built right in. Simply add PULSE to your current PRIME investment and breathe new life into your robotics lessons.

Want to know more? Take a look at the controller specs, an educator review, introductory programming videos, and a never-before-seen TETRIX PRIME-plus-PULSE robot with downloadable building instructions.




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