Cause a RUCKUS this season with TETRIX®

Building your ROVER RUCKUSSM competition rover? Whether it’s for mineral mining or a lunar lift, we have a comprehensive offering of elements ready to transform your robot. Keep scrolling to discover tips and inspiration for using TETRIX® as a part of your lunar lander.


TETRIX MAX 6 mm Steel Axles

Steel D-shaft axles keep your bot moving and grooving in this year’s game. These strong, versatile elements are an important part of your build, no matter where your imagination takes you.


TETRIX MAX Rack and Pinion Linear Slide Pack

Give your bot some lift with the TETRIX MAX Rack and Pinion Linear Slide Pack. These pieces are put together at different lengths and are easy to configure. Innovate and create linear motion for a versatile build.PACK DETAILS

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Modify these flats in ways as innumerable as the stars. Not only are the flats super easy to customize, they are made with versatile robots in mind. Check out the myriad connection points, multiple ways for the hole pattern to align, and rounded corners that allow for rotational movement.


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#4360 BLHS REACH, #8433 CyberStingers Green, #11973 Riverstone Otterbotix, #12651 Metal Knights, and #14584 Pioneer 327


Keep your motor bolted to your rover in more ways than one with the versatile TETRIX MAX DC Motor Mount. This mount comes in two pieces and has several optional points for attaching your robot’s motor so any configuration will fit the TETRIX hole pattern.


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#9567 Cybernetic Elks, #9882 Spegonauts, #13023 STEAMBOTS, #13907 G.I.R.L.S., and #14194 Neocratic Nerds

TETRIX MAX All-Terrain Tires

These TETRIX MAX All-Terrain Tires turn your rover into a true moon explorer. They give your rover proper ground clearance, traction to climb any terrain, and a tread that can clamber over loose obstacles with ease. Need multiple options? Check out the assortment in the TETRIX MAX Wheel Pack.


Giveaway Winners:
#5029 PowerStackers, #7278 LibraryBots, #8562 The Wolverine Machine, #12390 The Robotic Raiders, and #12405 Lost CTRL

TETRIX MAX Tank Tread Kit

This kit has everything you need to add up to 6.5 feet of tank tread to your rover or create a formidable conveyor belt to mine those mineral deposits.


Giveaway Winners:
#8132/#8188 Gear Heads, #11068 Galactic Eaglebots, #12668 BlueJays, #13112 Carbon Units, and #14465 Sir Lancer Bot

TETRIX MAX Sprocket and Chain Pack

Keep your powertrain options open with this handy pack containing five feet of chain with links and two each of the 16-tooth, 24-tooth, and 32-tooth sprockets.


Giveaway Winners:
#7529 BAYR (Bear), #9161 Overload, #10829 Bay Robotics, #12520 S.M.A.R.T., and #13438 RobOTTERS

TETRIX MAX Bevel Gear and Acetal Bearing

The TETRIX MAX Bevel Gear and Acetal Bearing allows for unique configurations of transfer of motion, including splitting single output from a motor in multiple directions. This aluminum gear gives your rover the strength and motion you need to traverse any terrain.


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The TETRIX MAX Gear Pack comes with 40-, 80-, and 120-tooth gears to help you maximize your mechanical advantage. Solid aluminum construction helps to keep consistency in your gear setup. Looking for more? The TETRIX MAX Advanced Gear Pack has what you need.


Giveaway Winners:
4133 Fusion, 7082 RoboAzTechs, 13025 Beach Park Middle School, 13077 Launch Tower, and 14801 Tigerdroids


Made from heavy-duty aluminum, the TETRIX MAX Channels are sturdy enough to hold your rover together over any terrain. With multiple lengths to choose from, theres almost no design you can’t build using these lightweight but strong pieces. Need a variety? Check out our TETRIX MAX Structure Pack.


Giveaway Winners:
10082 Mechanicats, 11021 Catalyst, 11968 Titan Robotics, 13046 BugByte Robotics, and 15249 HydraLX

FIRST® Expansion Hub Cable Conversion Pack

Make connecting a snap with this pack of cables. This conversion pack enables you to directly connect the TorqueNADO® motor to the FIRST®-approved expansion hub. All it takes is one quick step to get your rover rolling.


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208 KC Robotics Team, 7305 The GearCats - Clague Middle School, 8081 Knights of the Lab Table, 9886 MESH, 10098 2 Eyed Illuminati, 11388 TechnoTurtles, 12159 TOO LEGIT TO QUIT, 14526 Neuromancer, 14942 ThunderBots, and 15284 St. Thomas More Catholic High School

TETRIX TorqueNADO® Motor

With its compact design, built-in high-resolution encoder, 100 rpm, and 700 oz-in. of torque, the TorqueNADO motor is the perfect combination of precision and strength for your competition rover robot.


Giveaway Winners:
3565 Ghost Robotics, 14779 The Dots, 7341 F.R.E.N.C.H. F.R.I.E.S., 5308 Plan B, and 11931 Supersonic 

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