Coding made as easy as a puzzle

KUBO is a simple, intuitive solution that makes it easy for teachers to introduce computer science and coding to students as young as four.

It’s screen-free and easy to manage with the sorting boxes for your TagTiles®. KUBO comes with free, beautifully illustrated lesson plans and task cards for your students as well as video tutorials and quick-start guides to help educators get up and running. 

Easy to use

Setup takes just minutes, no previous experience is required, and there are no screens or software to worry about with this tabletop solution.

Unique TagTiles

KUBO’s programming language is just like a puzzle, which makes it great for hands-on learning. Take your students from simple to advanced levels of programming, covering routes, functions, subroutines, and loops.

Illustrated digital content
for students and teachers

KUBO’s free online Coding License curriculum and support resources feature:


Story starters to stimulate children’s motivation and engagement.


Printable teacher’s guide, worksheets, and task cards.


Integrated teacher’s notes and assessment and extension ideas.


A Coding License certificate to track progress.


Multiple language versions.

 Resources and support built right in

Getting-started materials and standards-based activities equal instant success.  

Coding video tutorials

Discover each principle of TagTiles programming for KUBO. We guarantee you’ll be up and running in minutes.

More than just coding

Language & Culture


Explore cultures


Develop communication skills


Present the project



Use coordinates


Develop numeracy


Create a times table map

Storytelling & Literacy


Invent scenarios


Write and tell stories

• Create props and scenes

Get started with KUBO today!