Teach STEAM today for tomorrow’s pioneers.

Help your students learn STEAM by doing

Across the globe, the STEM skills gap is increasingly becoming a challenge, and the demand for these skills is expected to grow. The rapid advance of technology continues to shape our world, making it vital that today’s students develop future-forward skills, so they’re prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Arduino Education kits make it easy for educators to deliver those valuable lessons to learners and prepare them for success. Students can progress their STEAM skills and build on the knowledge they gain beginning in middle school and continuing through high school. They’ll learn concepts such as coding, electronics, and circuitry through hands-on, engaging activities, enabling them to sharpen their skills and collaborate with their peers.

Educators receive the support they need as well – all three kits come with curriculum support, teacher resources, and step-by-step instructions for both guided and open-ended projects.

Want to learn more?

Watch the recording of our webinar, which was held on May 11, for a more detailed introduction to these solutions and to learn how classrooms are using these kits to enhance STEAM learning.


AGES 11+


With the Education Starter Kit, students can learn the basics of electronics, programming, and coding – no prior experience necessary! The kit guides students through 11 exciting lessons in a step-by-step manner. Each kit serves up to eight students.


AGES 14+


CTC Go! is a comprehensive, hands-on learning program that teaches students the foundations of programming, coding, electronics, and more! The kit includes materials to support up to 20 projects and experiments. Each kit serves up to 24 students.


AGES 16+


Students can get started with the Internet of Things and creating connected devices with the Explore IoT Kit. Students will learn how to collect and present data, use Internet-connected devices safely, and create their own projects. Each kit serves up to two students.


What teachers and students say

“When working with the Arduino Education Starter Kit, I learned new concepts that I didn’t know before, and I want to learn how I can use them in real life.” – MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT, Pittsburg, KS, US

“Ardunio was a lifesaver when transitioned to virtual learning. I was able to get kits into the hands of all my students. We learned to code, troubleshoot, and read schematic drawings like real programmers.” – LISA M. LEWIS, M. ED., Gifted Intellectual Teacher, STEM Instructor/Coordinator

“I would describe it as a very beginner-friendly way to get started with the Internet of Things and a kit that you will be able to expand on with your own ideas and components.” – HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, Denmark