What is TAG?

Would you like to beta test the latest TETRIX® robotics technology? Are you overseeing a STEM program in your school and could you serve as a webinar panelist to share your experiences with others? What new products or activities could be developed for the next generation of Pitsco customers? Are you attending a conference and wanting to do a presentation? This is just a sample of the opportunities that TAG teachers responded to in 2018.

The purpose of the Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) is to provide feedback on classroom activities, products, and curricula and generate ideas for Pitsco. Many of the efforts will be displayed on Pitsco’s website, in marketing materials, and on social media.

TAG Members in Action

Check out some of these examples of past TAG members’ work that we’ve shared with our customers.

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We’ve chosen our TAG members for 2019. We will start accepting applications again in October 2019. Sign up to receive notification when we start recruiting next year’s members. Eligible applicants are currently employed or actively involved in the education field and enjoy engaging with and sharing educational content. Prior knowledge of Pitsco Education products is preferred but not mandatory. Being very active on social media (especially Twitter), creating quick videos, and having firsthand experience with makerspaces and robotics is desirable. TAG members use a private Schoology group.

TAG Members

Meet our 2019 TAG members and learn more about them.


TAG Alumni 2012-17

Jewel Ausberry – Youth Technnology Learning Center, Roswell, GA (2014-15)

Carolyn M. Banks, PhD – Spring Hill Middle School, Laurinburg, NC (2016)

Roy Bartnick – Chisholm Elementary, Enid, OK (2017)

Teresa Barton – PikeView High School, Princeton, WV (2012-14)

Eliza Battles – Southwest ISD, San Antonio, TX (2016)

Jared Bitting – Fleetwood Area Middle School, Fleetwood, PA (2015)

Jonathan Boykin – Somerset High School, Somerset, TX (2016)

Jill Brockmier – Pullman School District, Pullman, WA (2013, 2015)

Sirena Buchholz – Hochberg Preparatory School, North Miami Beach, FL (2015)

Rob Canada – Columbus Elementary, Edwardsville, IL (2013)

Paul Casey – Charles B. Aycock High School, Pikesville, NC (2016-18)

Kim Cheek – Wylie Intermediate School, Abilene, TX (2013)

Cappi Coleman – Moss Public School, Huges County, OK (2014)

Sharon Cutler – Lawton Chiles, Tampa, FL (2017)

Jackie Derr – Perrysburg Junior High School, Perrysburg, OH (2016-18)

Melissa Eker – Mill Creek Middle School, Olathe, KS (2013)

Renee Ekhoff – Walnut Middle School, Aurora, NE (2013)

Elisabeth Fair – Valley View Elementary, Nuevo, CA (2017)

Kimberly Forbes – Ferndale Middle School, High Point, NC (2014-15)

Joan Gillman – The Browning School, New York, NY (2016-18)

Barb Gosney – St. Thomas Episcopal School, Coral Gables, FL (2013-14)

Karn Gustafson – Volcano Vista High School, Albuquerque, NM (2014-16)

Kathy Hardesty – Florence Smith STEM School, West Hartford, CT (2013)

Art Hardin – Edythe J. Hayes Middle School, Lexington, KY (2017)

Paul Healy – Skyview Middle School, Leominster, MA (2012)

Michelle Hendrick – Samuel Clemens High School, Schertz, TX (2017)

Scott Hogan – Pheonix, AZ (2014)

Susan Hoover – Esteem Academy, Winter Park, FL (2013)

Andrea Jaramillo – Forman Elementary, Plano, TX (2016)

Lilly Jensby – Christie Elementary, Plano, TX (2015-17)

Rob Jernigan – Okaloosa STEMM Academy, Valparaiso, FL (2016-17)

Trudi Lawless – Lakeside Junior High School, Orange Park, FL (2014-15)

Addison Lilholt – Green Woods Charter School, Philadelphia, PA (2012)

Mannie Lowe – The University of Mississippi CMSE, Oxford, MS (2018)

Thomas Lum – Bohemia Manor High School, Chesapeake City, MD (2018)

Mario Malabunga – Sandy Grove Middle School, Hoke County, NC (2016-17)

Eileen Malick – Atlee High School, Hanover, VA (2014-15)

Jessica Malloy – Christie Elementary, Plano, TX (2015-17)

Natalie Mathew – Gaston Middle School, Dallas, TX (2012)

Cyndy Meier – Challenger Learning Center, Indianapolis, IN (2013)

Dr. Sandra J. Melendez – Shoemaker High School, Killeen, TX (2014)

Rena Mincks – Jefferson Elementary, Pullman, WA (2014-15)

Holly Neill – Life Christian School, Aloha, OR (2014-16)

Tracie Overdorff – Tampa, FL (2012)

Sandra Parker – Highlands School, Birmingham, AL (2016)

Nicole Penn – Kiser Middle School, Greensboro, NC (2015)

Jerry Peterson – Plaza Middle School, Kansas City, MO (2015-16)

David Piontek – Founder's Hall Middle School, Charleroi, PA (2013)

Tony Ponce – El Camino Junior High School, Santa Maria, CA (2016)

Robert Powell – Challenger Learning Center, St. Louis, MO (2013)

Cliff Powers – Jackson Academy, Jackson, MS (2015)

Todd Rathier – Leominster High School, Leominster, MA (2014-15)

Greg Reiva – Streamwood High School, Streamwood, IL (2014-17)

Deborah Rice – Judson ISD, Live Oak, TX (2017)

Maria Rosato – E3 Robotics, Greensboro, NC (2016)

Debra Rouse – North Cedar Community School District, Lowden and Mechanicsville, IA (2016-17)

Dr. William Royal – TN (2014)

Colleen Ruiz – Alburquerque, NM (2012)

Gary Scholtens – Webster City Middle School, Webster City, IA (2016)

David Shabram – Westside Middle School, NE (2018)

Betty Smith – (2014)

Sheryl Sotelo – McNeil Canyon Elementary, Homer, AK (2015-17)

Kim Spaulding – Texas Middle School, Texarkana, TX (2013)

Laura Spence – Pinellas County Schools, Largo, FL (2015)

Andrea Triner – Our Lady of Calvary School, Philadelphia, PA (2017)

Dr. Lawrence Volk (Larry) – John T. Hoggard High School, Wilmington, NC (2012)

Charlotte Waddell – Walkertown Middle School, Walkertown, NC (2016)

Dr. Mary Webb – North College Hill Elementary School, Cincinnati, OH (2017)

Monica Whitehead – Scotland High School, Laurinburg, NC (2016)

Cindy Williams – Craven County Schools, New Bern, NC (2015)

Kathleen Williams-Miller – West End Elementary and Nuna Elementary, Fallon, NV (2012)

Cherry Willoughby – Green Sea Floyds Middle/High School, Nichols, SC (2013)

Carrie Wilson – The Fulton School, St. Albans, MO (2017-18)

Carmen Zeisler – ESSDACK, Hutchison, KS (2018)