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Our 2024-25 application is now open! The deadline is May 18.

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What We Do

From classroom teachers to after-school directors to homeschool educators, The Ambassador Group (TAG) is a diverse community of mentors that supports one another while providing feedback and promoting Pitsco Education.

For 50+ years, we’ve succeeded by working with educators who have the same goal in mind – student success. As a Pitsco ambassador, you’ll be part of a team that inspires hands-on learning, encourages failure, and makes a positive difference in and outside the classroom.

Meet the Team

Meet our 2023-24 TAG members and learn more about them.

How TAG Works Together


Our ambassadors discuss topics through general assignments and cooperate on lessons/projects for their student(s).

Product Development

Our ambassadors provide Pitsco product reviews, classroom examples, and activity suggestions.


Our ambassadors share their knowledge of Pitsco through social media, assigned articles, and conference presentations.


Our ambassadors collaborate on product ideation, share trends in their learning environment, and design projects.

What It Takes to Join

  • Involvement in STEM/STEAM, coding, or robotics
  • Passion for hands-on learning
  • Willing to provide feedback
  • Active on at least one social platform

Our Member Benefits

  • Free product and event/conference opportunities (as applicable)
  • Peer network and professional learning opportunities
  • 10% off catalog items
  • TAG swag
  • Pitsco goodies

Ambassadors in Action

Check out some of TAG’s recent work.

Interested in Joining TAG?

As a member of TAG, you get the experience of testing new products or activities, connecting with like-minded people, and growing in your educational knowledge.

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